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Orginally from France, Vivianne To is now a graphic designer located in Los Angeles county. She is passionate about packaging, typography, art direction and 3D. She strives to always keep on learning and experimenting within the field of design and more. ︎


The type specimen explores the relation between Electra and Formula 1. Both combine a sense of warmness from humans to the ever-progressing nature of technology. Electra is a book serif typeface full of energy and personality. On the other hand, F1 is the highest class of international racing. There is beauty in the teamwork of man and machine to produce the best of cars. 
Editorial, 2022


Inspired by the French café culture, Moment is a cold brew coffee brand that is all about relaxation. The logotype and illustration are of a vintage style to capture the French café mood. The colors are light to relfect the idea of serenity and taking a moment for yourself. 

Packaging, 2019


Midsommarafton is an ancient Swedish tradition celebrating the beginning of summer. It is celebrated when Nordic nights are at their longest and lightest and nature is at its most green and fertile. Tall maypoles are decorated with leaves and flowers and then raised up to mark the beginning of the festivities. The poster combines explorations of typography. Its organic letterforms intertwine with the flowers to symbolize the coming together of people and nature.

Print, 3D, 2022

Experimental Type

This experimental typography project was made by injecting food coloring into gelatin. The coloring would spread in unepected directions and form different shapes and lines, creating a variety of letters. It was then photographed and edited in Lightroom. 

Typography, 2019

Pump It Up! 

Pump It Up! is a fun jam brand targeted towards children. The vibrant colors enhance an exciting mood. Rounded shapes are used for a friendly look. The fruits have illustrated faces, which are meant to appeal to children and make it fun for them to enjoy healthy food.
Packaging, 2020